Chitralada Thai's menu features a variety of classic favorites. Whether you're visiting us for lunch or dinner, you're sure to find something to please everyone in your party.
Chitralada Thai always aims to please, so if you'd like your selection prepared a certain way, just let your server know.




A-1 SPRING ROLLS (3)                              $3.95               A-2 TOFU TOD                                             $4.95

Stuffed with mixed vegetables                                                                           Tofu served with tasty delicious sauce


A-3 STEAMED DUMPLING                       $7.25               A-4 FRIED WONTON                                  $4.95


A-5 TOD MUN (THAI FISH CAKE)           $7.50               A-6 CHITRALADA SHRIMP ROLL          $7.30

Grounded fish mixed with curry paste, kaffir lime                                        Crispy rolls stuffed with shrimp and ground chicken

leaves, and string beans deep fried until golden,

served with cucumbers in delicious sweet                                        A-8 CHICKEN WINGS                                $6.95

chili sauce.                                                                                   Served with delicious house sauce


A-7 MEE GROB (CRISPY NOODLES)     $8.50               A-10 SPICY BEEF SALAD                           $8.25

Famous crispy noodles, shrimp with tasty Thai sauce                                    (TIGER TEAR)

                                                                                                                                Spicy slice of beef with lime juice, onion, pepper, and


 A-9 SATAY BEEF OR CHICKEN              $7.95                                      

Barbequed stick served with peanut sauce and                                 A-12 NAM SOD                                            $7.25  

cucumber salad                                                                           (SPICY LEMON PORK SALAD)   

Spicy ground pork with lime juice, onion, pepper, and roasted

A-11 LARB GAI                                            $7.25               peanut

(SPICY LEMON CHICKEN SALAD)                                

Spicy chicken with lime juice onion, pepper,                                                A-14 SPICY JUMPING SQUID                   $7.25

and lettuce                                                                                                            Squid cooked with spicy paste, lime juice, onion, pepper, and


A-13 PRA GOONG                                       $7.25                          

(JUMPING SHRIMP SALAD)                                            A-16 THAI SALAD                                      $3.95

Shrimp with lime juice, onion, pepper, and                                                  Fresh vegetable with tasty Thai dressing


A-18 SEAFOOD SALAD                              $8.95

A-15 YUM WOON SEN                               $7.50               Shrimp, squid, and baby scallop, lime juice, onion pepper, and

(CLEAR NOODLES SALAD)                                              lettuce topped with ground peanut

Spicy clear noodles, ground chicken, onion, lime                                      

juice, and lettuce                                                                                                 A-20 TEA LEAF SALAD                              $7.95

                                                                                                Pickled tea leaf with sesame seeds, cabbage, tomatoes, fried

A-17 GINGER SALAD                                 $7.95               garlic, fried beans, and peanut bedded on lettuce

Pickled ginger with sesame seeds, cabbage, tomatoes,                      

fried garlic, fried beans, and peanut bedded on lettuce                                 A-22 RICE SALAD                                      $6.95

                                                                                                                                Rice with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onion, cilantro, ground

A-19 SPRING ROLL SALAD                      $7.95               peanut, chicken, with lime juice

Spring roll with lime juice, peanut, onion, pepper, and lettuce               

                                                                                                A-23 PORK EGGROLL                   Each     $1.95

A-21 FISH CAKE SALAD                            $8.95   






S-1 CHITRALADA THAI SOUP                 $3.95               S-2 TOM YUM GOONG                              $4.20

Combination of chicken and shrimp with mixed                                        Shrimp soup with spicy paste, lime juice, and mushrooms


S-4   TOM KHA GAI                                    $3.95

S-3 TOM YUM SEAFOOD                          $4.95               Famous spicy chicken soup, mushrooms cooked with

Spicy mixed seafood soup with spicy paste, lime                                          coconut milk, and Thai herb

juice, and mushrooms                                                      

S-6 WONTON SOUP                                    $3.95

S-5 TOM YUM GAI                                      $2.95               Wonton stuffed with chicken

Spicy chicken soup with lime juice and mushrooms                   

S-8 TOFU SOUP                                            $3.95

S-7 SUNFLOWER                                         $2.95               Chicken and tofu with vegetables

Chicken, coconut milk and curry powder                           

S-10 VEGETABLES SOUP                          $2.95

S-9 NOODLES SOUP                                   $3.95               mixed vegetables soup

Chicken and rice noodles with vegetables                                   

S-12 TOM YUM HED                                  $2.95

S-11 TOM KHA SEAFOOD             $5.95                                  Spicy soup with mushrooms lime juice and Thai herbs

Famous spicy seafood soup with mushrooms cooked,

coconut milk and Thai herbs                                                                            S-13 HOT AND SOUR SOUP                      $3.95

                                                                                                Spicy chicken soup with bamboo shoots, hot pepper,

                                                                                                                                and lime juice


                                SIDE ORDERS


CURRY SAUCE                                         $2.95

PEANUT SAUCE                                        $2.95

HOT/SWEET RED CHILI SAUCE             $2.95

WHITE RICE                                              $2.00

BROWN RICE                                            $2.50

STEAMED VEGETABLE                           $2.95

EXTRA LIME OR LEMON                         $1.00

                                                SHRIMP, PORK, OR BEEF SUBSTITUE $2.00


                                                THERE WILL BE AN EXTRA $2.00 FOR SHARING


                                                                                  -NO M.S.G.-


                                               *MILD **MEDIUM ***SPICY ****HOT AND SPICY

                                       PLEASE BE PATIENT AS ALL FOODS ARE COOKED TO ORDER





                                                    (Served with steamed rice)




C-1 CASHEW CHICKEN (GAI                   $10.95             C-2 GINGER CHICKEN                              $9.50

MA-MUONK)                                                                                           Sautéed chicken with ginger, onion, mushrooms, and pepper

Sautéed chicken with cashew nuts, carrots, pepper,                                  

onion, water chestnuts, and mushrooms                                           C-4 GARLIC CHICKEN                              $9.50

Sautéed chicken with tasty Thai garlic sauce served on

C-3 BABY CORN CHICKEN                      $9.50               a bed of lettuce

Sautéed chicken with baby corn, onion, scallion,                      

and mushrooms                                                                                                   C-6 BASIL CHICKEN                                  $9.50

Sautéed chicken with pepper, onions, basil leaves, and

C-5 MIXED VEGETABLE                           $9.50               scallions


Sautéed chicken with mixed vegetables                                                          C-8 CHICKEN CURRY                               $10.50

(Choice of Red or Green Curry)

C-7 CHICKEN BROCCOLI                        $9.50               Sliced chicken with Thai chili paste, coconut milk, bamboo

Sautéed chicken with fresh broccoli and carrots                               shoots, and basil leaves


C-9 SWEET AND SOUR                              $9.50               C-10 PANANG CHICKEN                           $11.95

CHICKEN                                                                                                       Sliced chicken cooked with spicy paste, green pepper, and

With cucumber, tomato, pineapple, pepper, and                                          coconut milk


C-12 GAI SARM ROS                                  $13.95

C-11 MASAMAN CURRY                           $11.95             (THREE FLAVORED CHICKEN)

CHICKEN                                                                              Chicken topped with sharp and tasty sauce served with mixed

Chicken with avocado and peanut in a highly                                             vegetables

seasoned aromatic curry                                                  

C-14 SPICY CHILI BASIL               $13.95

C-13 CHILI CHICKEN                                $13.95             CHICKEN

Deep fried chicken topped with tasty Thai spicy                                Sautéed chicken with mixed vegetables and spicy chili basil

chili sauce served with vegetables                                                  sauce                                                               


C-15 CHITRALADA CHICKEN                 $13.95             C-16 BURMESE CHICKEN AND             $12.95

Sautéed fired chicken with egg, ginger, scallions,                                       PATATO CURRY

green pepper, and Thai chili paste                                                 Chicken chunks and lightly fried potato simmered in onion

base curry




B-1 CHITRALADA GARLIC BEEF           $14.95             B-2 THAI PEPPER STEAK                          $11.95

Lean beef slices, marinated and sautéed with                                               Sautéed beef with onions green pepper, scallion, and tasty

vegetables on sizzling platter                                                        Thai sauce




Slice beef and lightly fried potato simmered in onion                                                

garlic and ground pepper served with tomato                                             

base curry                                                           



P-1 CHITRALADA GARLIC PORK          $14.95             P-2 BURMESE PORK AND PATATO       $13.95

A typical Thai pork dish, lean pork slices marinated                                   CURRY

and sautéed with garlic and ground pepper served                                    Pork and lightly fried potato simmered in onion and base

with vegetables on sizzling platter                                                                  curry




D-1 SWEET AND SOUR DUCK                 $18.95             D-2 CURRY DUCK                                      $18.95

One half crispy ducking topped with sweet and sour                                 One half crispy ducklings with Thai chili paste, coconut

sauce and fresh vegetables                                                                                milk and bamboo shoots


D-3 BASIL DUCK                                         $18.95             D-4 CRISPY DUCK                                      $18.95

One half crispy duckling with green pepper,                                                One half duckling sliced and glazed with a special house

onion, and basil leaves                                                                                      sauce


D-5 SPICY CHILLI BASIL DUCK              $18.95

One half crispy ducklings topped with spicy chili basil sauce



                                 FROG LEGS


F-1 FROG LEGS BASIL                              $13.95             F-2 GARLIC FROG LEGS                           $13.95

Served with green pepper, onion, scallions,                                                  Served with tasty Thai garlic sauce

and basil leaves


F-3 PANANG FROG LEGS                         $13.95

Frog legs cooked with spicy paste, green

pepper, and coconut milk



SF-1 PLA JEAN                             Seasonal Price                SF-2 GARLIC FISH              Seasonal Price

Deep fried whole snapper topped with ginger                                              Deep fried whole snapper topped with garlic sauce

and vegetables                                                                                                                                                    


SF-3 SPICY FISH                          Seasonal Price                SF-4 CURRY FISH               Seasonal Price           

Deep fried whole snapper, topped with tasty                                    Deep fried whole snapper, topped with tasty spicy chili

spicy chili sauce                                                                                                  sauce     


SF-5 THAI STEAMED FISH      Seasonal Price                 SF-6 SWEET AND                Seasonal Price

Whole red snapper steamed with ginger and vegetables                     SOUR FISH

                                                                                    Deep fried whole snapper topped with sweet and sour

SF-7 CHITRALADA THAI                          $16.95             sauce and fresh vegetables

STEAM FISH           

Steam fillet red-snapper with ginger, mushroom,                               SF-8 PANANG (SALMON, SNAPPER,      $16.95

baby corn, onion, bell-pepper, in a delicious spicy                                     TILAPIA)

tamarind sauce                                                                                                    Deep fried salmon topped with panang curry sauce,

                                                                                                broccoli, and bell-pepper


SF-9 GARLIC SEAFOOD                            $16.95             SF-10 GOONG MOI DIN                            $16.95

Deep fried mixed seafood with shrimp, scallop, squid,                                Jumbo shrimp cooked with garlic, ginger, clear noodles,

and crabmeat in garlic sauce served on a bed of lettuce.                           and scallions cooked in a casserole


SF-11 GARLIC SQUID                                $12.95             SF-12 SPICY BASIL SQUID                        $12.95

Sautéed squid with tasty Thai garlic sauce                                      Sautéed squid with chili sauce, green pepper, onion,

                                                                                                                                scallion, and basil leaves


SF-13 SQUID BROCCOLI                           $12.95             SF-14 MIXED VEGETABLES                     $12.95

Sautéed squid with fresh broccoli and carrots                                  SQUID

                                                                                                Sautéed squid with variety fresh vegetables

SF-15 RED OR GREEN CURRY                $16.95

SEAFOOD                                                                             SF-16 PANANG SEAFOOD             $16.95

Combination of shrimp, crab meat and squid cooked in a                         Seafood cooked with spicy paste, broccoli, pepper, and

curry sauce with bamboo shoots, pepper, and basil leaves                        coconut milk


SF-17 GINGER GROUPER             $15.95

Deep fried filet grouper topped with bell-pepper, onion,

garlic, baby corn, mushroom, and scallion in ginger sauce





V-1 VEGETABLE TOFU                              $9.25               V-2 VEGETABLES RAINBOW                  $7.95

Sautéed tofu triangles with mixed vegetables                                               Sautéed fresh mixed vegetables


V-3 VEGETABLES CURRY                        $9.50              

Mixed vegetables cooked with Thai chili paste                                           

and coconut milk                                                                                               




N-1 VEGETABLE PAD THAI                     $8.50               N-2 BURMESE EGG NOODLE                  $10.95

Famous Thai dish rice noodles sautéed with                                                Egg noodles stir-fried with pork or chicken, cabbage,

vegetables, egg and ground peanuts                                                              carrots, and green onion ($2 extra with shrimp or combo)


N-3 PAD THAI                                              $10.50             N-4 PAD SEE EAUW                                    $9.95  

Famous Thai dish rice noodles sautéed with                                                                Sautéed rice noodles with chicken or beef or pork with

shrimp, chicken, egg, and ground peanuts                                                    broccoli

and vegetable                                                                            

                                                                                                N-6 LARD NA                                               $10.50        

                                                                                                                                Sautéed rice noodles with shrimp, chicken and broccoli

N-5 PAD WOON SEN                                  $10.50                                

Sautéed clear noodles with chicken or beef             

or pork with mixed vegetables                                                       N-8 OHNNO KAUKSWE                             $9.95

Egg noodles with chicken in a creamy coconut soup

N-7 MO-HINGAR                                        $8.95              

Rice noodles in fish soup with lemon grass served                                      

with sliced lemon and fresh cilantro                                                              




                                    FRIED RICE


R-1 CRABMEAT OR SHRIMP FRIED RICE                              $8.95


R-2 CHICKEN, PORK OR BEEF FRIED RICE                           $8.95


R-3 SPECIAL FRIED RICE                                                            $9.95

Stir fried beef, chicken, pork, and shrimp with egg, onion, tomato, and cucumber


R-4 SEAFOOD FRIED RICE                                                          $9.95

Mixed seafood with egg, onion, tomato and cucumber


R-5 VEGETABLE FRIED RICE                                                     $7.95

Fried rice with mixed vegetable


R-6 EGG FRIED RICE                                                                    $5.95

Fried rice with eggs





CRISPY BANANA                                        $3.20               CRISPY BANANA WITH ICE CREAM    $4.95

LYCHEE NUT                                               $3.20               THAI DONUT WITH ICE CREAM            $4.95


THAI DONUTS                                             $3.20






LEMONADE                                     $2.50                           PERRIER                                          $2.00

COKE, SPRITE, DIET COKE         $1.50                           THAI ICE TEA                                  $2.50

THAI ICED COFFEE                       $2.50                           ICE TEA                                             $2.50

HOT TEA                                           $1.50                           HOT COFFEE                                   $1.50


DOMESTIC BEER                           $3.50                           IMPORTED BEER                           $3.50

SAKE (HOT OR COLD)                  $4.20                           PLUM WINE                                     $4.50

SUTTER HOME WINE                   $4.50



                                EARLY BIRD

                                                   Between 5:00 PM TO 6:30 PM (Extra $1.00)


                            LUNCH SPECIALS

                                                  Served with fried rice, spring roll, and sunflower soup


L-1 VEGETABLE RAINBOW                     $6.00               L-2 CASHEW CHICKEN                             $7.25

Sautéed fresh mixed vegetables                                                                        Sautéed chicken with cashew nut, carrots, pepper, onions,

and water chestnut

L-3 GINGER CHICKEN                              $7.25

Sautéed chicken with ginger, baby corns, onions, and mushrooms         L-4 BABY CORN CHICKEN                      $7.25

Sautéed chicken with baby corns, onions, and scallion

L-5 PAD THAI *Rice Not Included*                  $7.25

Famous Thai dish, rice noodles, sautéed with shrimp, chicken,            L-6 GARLIC CHICKEN                              $7.25

 egg, bean sprouts, scallions, ground peanut, and special house             Sautéed chicken with tasty garlic sauce, served over bed of sauce lettuce


L7 SPECIAL FRIED RICE                          $7.25               L-8 MIXED VEGETABLE CHICKEN       $7.25

Stir fried chicken, beef, pork, and shrimp, with egg, onions,                     Sautéed chicken with fresh mixed vegetables

tomatoes, and cucumber

L-10 CHITRALADA SPECIAL                   $7.25

L-9 BASIL CHICKEN                                  $7.25                    Sautéed combination of chicken, beef, and pork with

Sautéed chicken with peppers, onions, and basil leaves                            broccoli, mushrooms, and baby corn


L-11 SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN         $7.25               L-12 CHICKEN CURRY                              $8.25

With cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and                                 (Red or Green Curry)

pineapple                                                                                                              Sliced chicken with Thai chili paste, coconut milk, bamboo

shoots, and basil leaves

L-13 MASAMAN CURRY                           $8.25

(CHICKEN OR FISH)                                                          L14-PANANG CHICKEN OR FISH           $8.25

With avocado, potato, onion and peanut in a highly seasoned                 Sliced chicken or fish cooked with spicy paste, green pepper, aromatic and curry coconut milk


L-15 GAI SARM ROS                                  $8.25


Chicken topped with sharp and tasty sauce served with mixed














*Price subject to change without notice*

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